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Najbolje scene


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On 2.7.2020. at 3:53, Ajant23 said:


Jednako je apsurdno golotinji spuštati Bresonom koliko je i Bresonu spuštati golotinjom. A, ti si onakvim odabirom scene samo naizgled radio ovo drugo dok si, u stvari, ciljao na ovo prvo.


Isuviše je Breson veliki reditelj da bi se svodio na te fore.


In my opinion, it's clear that music is one element that transforms a film. Let me back up a bit: I believe all the elements: image, sound - and "sound" includes sound effects, dialogue, and music - should affect and transform each other. Without transformation, it isn't art. That's why I consider today's cinema a reproduction, not a true art, because it's just a copy of another art: theater. If we want cinema to be a true, independent art, there must be transformation. An image or a sound on its own is nothing. It takes on meaning only in relationship to what transforms it. An image only matters in relation to other images, or a sound to other sound or to the image it accompanies. In my opinion - though I too made this mistake at first - music should't be used to underscore or emphasize but to transform. Therefore in Mouchette, the music used, sacred music, probably certain wonderful passages from Monteverdi's Magnificat, will be used during the hunting scene that I added. I wanted to establish a connection between the prey and Mouchette. With sacred music played during the hunting scene, you'll see an extraordinary transformation of the wild animals through Montiverdi's Music.


Robert Bresson


Svojevremeno je neko ovde na forumu pokazao snimak cedulje na kojoj je Tarkovski, onako nehajno i na brzinu, rukom ispisao svojih deset omiljenih filmova. Dva su bila Bresonova...


Suvo zlato...

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