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To, mačko!


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1 minute ago, renne said:

@SNARC a i ostali, našao sam ti potok

RTS od 23.35 celovečernja specijalna emisija


Zezaš! Hoće i profi simultani prevodilac da bude kao za Hag?

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1 minute ago, renne said:

@SNARC a i ostali, našao sam ti potok

RTS od 23.35 celovečernja specijalna emisija


Nah, nisam zadovoljan..ocekivao sam neku egzotiku.


Sto rece onaj kvazi Svaba Tomi Zdravkovicu u Balkan ekspresu : "Trebalo je da se potrudis"

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Just now, renne said:

jok more, gde se zezam


Kuku lele :)


Mene HR tera da završim neke refresher obuke, nema u Australiji u januaru zime dragi HR, sutra u 10 sluške na uši, otvorim obuku, a u pozadini ide Strašni Sud! Planirao sam zvaničan sudski stream, ali RTS added value, to neću propustiti. 

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Eno patrijarh ga brani ponovo, jer Nole samo zeli slobodu. Onaj iz krusika nek se jebe.  Lepo je videti da je svo djubre na jednom mestu.

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19 minutes ago, peralozac said:


Zezaš! Hoće i profi simultani prevodilac da bude kao za Hag?


Jos kad bi zvali onu istu ribu sto ima onaj smaracki glas bez emocija...i da zovu Seselja u studio...i da se emisija zove "Kengurovo mudo od suda protivu Isusa naseg doba"


edit - pardon "Smezurano kengurovo mudo od suda protivu Isusa naseg doba"

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2 hours ago, Budja said:


Samo da pohvalim The Age. :smiley_hail:

Lepo je videti novine koja nastoji da se drzi cinjenica i kvalifikuje sta treba da se kvalifikuje ako cinjenice nisu jasne, u impersonal, "nezainteresovanom" stilu.



Verovatno ih je vemenah navukao sa onom slikom iz bolnice davne 2020
ali tu je zakintos da ih obavesti i  munjevito su uvažili primedbu :fantom:


An earlier version of this story stated that Novak Djokovic met with a Serbian minister  to mark the purchase of new scanning equipment to speed up the diagnosis of COVID-19 patients at Dragisa Misovic Clinical Hospital on December 17 2021, a day after receiving a positive COVID-19 test result. This was incorrect. That meeting occurred on December 17 2020. 

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11 minutes ago, SNARC said:


Jos kad bi zvali onu istu ribu sto ima onaj smaracki glas bez emocija...i da zovu Seselja u studio...i da se emisija zove "Kengurovo mudo od suda protivu Isusa naseg doba"


edit - pardon "Smezurano kengurovo mudo od suda protivu Isusa naseg doba"




Imas seselja u hit tvitu od 21-23h, to ce im i biti gl.tema, pa izvoli na uvertiru

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2 hours ago, Budja said:



Datumi su crno na belo:

16. decembar test

17 decembar slikanje sa decom (ajde moguce da nije znao ako je PCR test uradio popodne ili predvece)

18. decembar fotkanje za Equip (nemoguce da nije znao i prilicno slaba sansa da Equip ne objavi sada (ako je vec ranije zamoljen da to ne cini) da je bilo specijalnih uslova)





Je l beše 16.decembra basketaner koji se fotkao sa njim 14.12. objavio da je pozitivan? Ok, možda niko nije dojavio Nolu.

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Jbg, Shapiro je u pravu. Kada vidiš kako se omikron ponaša, shvatiš da Novak nevakcinisan uopšte ne predstavlja veću opasnost za društvo.

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Još par svežih eksera za kovčeg savezne vlade.



Federal government officials told Tennis Australia the Victorian government was responsible for assessing vaccine exemptions, according to leaked correspondence that shows Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton declared people with a prior infection could enter Victoria quarantine-free.


The new letters also show federal officials declined to check exemption applications in advance of travellers boarding planes, which could have avoided the need for Novak Djokovic’s paperwork to be examined for the first time only when he arrived at Melbourne Airport.


Australian Open by Tennis Australia and the Victorian government. However, federal border officials blocked his entry on the basis that a COVID-19 infection in the past six months was not grounds for him to enter Australia as an unvaccinated person.


The leaked documents show Tennis Australia was in weekly discussions with the federal Home Affairs Department.


On November 10, Allison Cairns, an adviser to Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly, wrote to Tennis Australia, which had been asking whether players who were not fully vaccinated would be permitted entry.


“Medical exemptions from vaccination will be at the discretion of the state or territory, so it would probably be good to touch base with the state of arrival earlier rather than later to determine if any will be an issue,” Dr Cairns wrote.


However, later in November, letters from Health Minister Greg Hunt and another departmental official explicitly state people who were recently infected will not be allowed into the country. The Victorian government asked Tennis Australia boss Craig Tiley to explain the letters after The Age and Herald revealed them last week. Mr Tiley has not publicly addressed the later letters from Mr Hunt.


Hours before Djokovic arrived in Melbourne, federal officials contacted the Victorian government. The Victorian government claimed federal authorities wanted Victoria to sponsor his application for quarantine-free entry, which Victoria said it rejected. The Morrison government denies this and said it only contacted Victoria to seek more proof of his medical claims.


The federal advice to Tennis Australia aligns with statements made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the day Djokovic arrived.


Asked whether the world No. 1 had received an exemption, Mr Morrison said on January 5: “Well, that is a matter for the Victorian government. They have provided him with an exemption to come to Australia, and so we then act in accordance with that decision … That’s how it works. States provide exemptions for people to enter on those bases.”


Hours after these comments, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews released a statement saying that while the Victorian government and Tennis Australia might permit unvaccinated players, “no individual competing at the Australian Open will be afforded any special treatment”.


Djokovic was blocked by Australian Border Force hours later.


Tennis Australia’s chief medical officer, Carolyn Broderick, wrote to Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton on November 22 asking about an “urgent” issue related to quarantine-free travel for players who have had a recent infection.


Professor Sutton responded on December 2: “Anyone with a history of recent COVID-19 infection (defined as within 6 months) and who can provide appropriate evidence of this medical history, is exempt from quarantine obligations upon arrival in Victoria from overseas.”


The new correspondence explains the private frustration of Tennis Australia administrators who believe the Morrison government has selectively leaked letters to create the impression that the status of recently infected players was clear-cut. The tennis officials believe there was shifting advice and unclear information on government websites.


Tennis Australia also asked federal authorities to review the exemptions of players three days before they boarded planes to avoid a Djokovic-style airport interrogation.


“In particular, it is the ability to review vaccination certificates/exemptions ahead of the 72-hour window that is most pressing for us, as we would like to give players some comfort over a process to be followed to ensure any issues can be dealt with well in advance of their journey to Australia,” Tennis Australia wrote to federal departments for Health and Home Affairs.


In response, senior federal Health Department official Andrew Godkin said on November 17: “[Australian Travel Declaration] and vaccination information is required for jurisdictions to manage travellers on arrival. Health and Home Affairs are unable to provide or review certificates. Certificates are reviewed at check in.”


The confidential letters between Tennis Australia and government officials is revealed amid the backdrop of an impending legal challenge against


Djokovic’s deportation, which has prompted a diplomatic feud with his come country, Serbia, and media attention around the world.

Earlier on Sunday, the Morrison government failed in a bid to gain two extra days to ready its case against Djokovic.

Djokovic’s bid to overturn his deportation is due to be heard on Monday, but Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews applied to the Federal Circuit Court for the hearing to be heard on Wednesday. Judge Anthony Kelly refused the request.


The Morrison government has been contacted about the letters.


Iskreno se nadam da će sudija sutra nalepiti savezne organe za njihovo beskičmenjaštvo i pustiti Đokovića da ostane. Ako postoji i promil šanse da se ovo ludilo nekako raspetlja to mora biti prvi korak.

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