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art abortus klinika


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Osecam silnu zelju da trolujem ovde, samo moram da se postaram da to bude konceptualno.
Ja pokusao, hrabra Margot me cutke sankcionisala. Publike ima:
Vratite Bugarku!
... ali dzaba vapaj angry.gif
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Sačuvao bih .jpg pa lepio dok me ne banuje, šta ću kad nisam ni slutio da bi je izbrisali. Pravda za Bugarku!
Imas bugarku na temi/posestrimi, tamo na deponiji - General Trash - samo sto je moja explikacija tamo izostala.Paflot&Dark&Kim - sorry na trolu
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NWW lista je vlazni san svakog muzickog drkosha i borderline izopacenog uma :) sky's the limit to these warped men and woman of old england!karl blake paranoidno kuje tajne vradzbine protivu bradatih, prokleto neimaginativnih art histericara:

Sounds Like:nothing on earth after all of the above have been thru' the LK wringer. JUST A NOTE TO SAY this is the actual truth instead of those oft-repeated load of crap potted histories made by some mullet-headed musos with tinted specs and bad beards (are there good ones? well, not the 'ergh- look at that mouth freudian thing' that chuck norris sported in all his films, fer instance) back to subject, man! the crap that says 'they couldn't play but...' - the stupid lazy twaddle that says Blake AN OPEN-MINDED STUDENT (wrong!) met dax when she was playing in a band called Amy Toytal and The Croixroads and dressed only in a balaclava and a lab coat - WRONG, she was fully clothed with the ADDITION of a balaclava and a lab coat (she wore the former to not be recognised by friends!) AND i was on stage with her as this was Lemon Kittens doing their first gig under an assumed name. We formed, as it says in Reading, Berkshire NOT Richmond, Surrey (where later on we had a post box) or Guildford University - where we were supposedly both students BECAUSE WE WEREN'T students there or anywhere else for that matter) (i repeat this as it seems some people need to be told more than once), and that formation was about a year before Dax came on the scene, and she could play wind instruments really quite well, in my estimation; and Gary was pretty nifty with the bass (and the clarinet) too; but this misses the point somewhat - the gist of what one of these supposed journalists says is, and i almost quote verbatim though from memory here 'we (lemon kittens) couldn't actually play any music' - seeing as how Lemon Kittens released two albums and two eps what was recorded on these? bird calls? - as Hindemith said, 'any music to an unreceptive mind is a meaningless noise' - so whats an unreceptive mind doing writing music journalism? hack-work, I guess. asking. So much for punk changing attitudes; some maybe. History deserves accuracy not shoddy, half-assed that'll-dos - look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves - if you see such rubbish - and can be bothered - write and tell them that on the basis of what you've read in this instance - you doubt the veracity of ANY of their entries; such is the level of innaccuracy here on display - personal opinions are one thing - facts are another.
Lemon+Kittens.gifhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4lb2OYxzYk Edited by palfoot
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bez starca nema udarca. :wub: p.s si na ovo aludirao kada si spominjao chris burden copycata. :lol: istinski sumrak civilizacije - hipster performance artist drowns himself. dekadentnije i od kineskog penis-vina za fetus-kanibale sa povremenom grizom savesti :Phttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj-7IBx5YRY

Finally, just like the mass media, which no longer peddle anything other than obscenity and fear to satisfy the ratings, contemporary nihilism exposes the drama of an aesthetic of disappearance that no longer involves the domain of representation exclusively (political, artistic, and so on) but our whole vision of the world : visions of every kind of excess, starting with advertising outrages that ensure the succees de scandale without which the conditioning of appearances would immediately stop being effective :evil: .
YOU DON'T FUCKING KNOW CHRIS LIKE I KNOW CHRIS!thecrazythingsido 4 months ago
a onda sve to mozemo da speremo sa malo romanticne podvodne fotografijemouthtomouth.jpg
The video depicts a man, Stewart, wearing a shirt and trousers and lying underwater, in a bath. As he noisily releases his breath and bubbles rise to the surface of the water, a woman, Smith, leans over him into the camera frame and replenishes his breath with air from her own lungs. She withdraws; he lies still holding his breath until his oxygen expires and he has to breathe out again, triggering Smith’s painfully loud and abrupt inhalation and replenishment. The sounds of the artists’ breath have been amplified to provide the sound-track.
Edited by palfoot
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