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^U vezi ovog iznad, kacio sam neki dan video intervju - pa ko nije video, moze da pogleda. NY ima interesantne ideje. Mislim da ima poentu (premda sam dosta napustio ideju verne reprodukcije zvuka kao stvarno bitnu). On u stvari hoce neku vrstu povratka na vinil, ali bez vinila. Vredno razmisljanja. (Pesma br. 1 sa ovog albuma, kao i deo knjige iznad su na tu istu temu... ocito mu je to vrlo bitno.)

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BamaLoveSoul Presents Love Letter 001: Me’Shell Ndegeocello285%3E_6097480.jpg?1333422333http://bamalovesoul.podomatic.com/entry/2012-04-02T19_56_48-07_00

Undoubtedly one of my favorite vocalists/musicians is Me’Shell Ndegeocello. She has the rare ability amongst this generation’s musicians to flirt with any genre she chooses and not lose any of her fans. She’s created albums containing R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz and everything in between and does it well. With Valentines approaching, I asked myself who makes some of the sexiest music right now and again I must tip my hat to sister Me’Shell. Me’Shell makes music so sexy she can put chocolate and oysters out of business. Straight aphrodisiac. Enjoy!01 Untitled – Plantation Lullabies 02 Dred Loc – Plantation Lullabies 03 Soul Searchin’ (I Wanna Know If It’s Mine) – Higher Learning Sdtk 04 Make Me Wanna Holler – Peace Beyond Passion 05 Rush Over – Love Jones Sdtk 06 Body – Confort Woman 07 Interlude: Blah blah blah Dyba Dyba Dyba – Cookie 08 Come Smoke My Herb – Comfort Woman 09 Love Song #3 – Comfort woman 10 The Chosen – The Spirit of Music Jamia 11 Stay – Peace Beyond Passion 12 Ecclesiastes: Free My Heart – Peace Beyond Passion 13 Aquarium – The Spirit of Music Jamia 14 Petite Mort – Weather 15 Fool of Me – Bitter 16 The Consequence of Jealousy – Black Radio 17 Tie One On – Devil’s Halo 18 Love You Down – Devil’s Halo 19 Trust – Cookie 20 Priorities 1-6 – Cookie 21 Let Me Have You – How Stella Got Her Groove Back Sdtk 22. Criterion – Cookie 24. A Tear and a Smile – Peace Beyond Passion 25 Thankful – Comfort woman 26 Mary Magdalene – Peace Beyond Passion
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driftin' back 27.37 - bog
Takodjer, Walk Like A Giant - da je to snimljeno npr. 1972. bilo bi danas deo rock mitologije. A i ovako treba da bude.Whenever I see the big fire coming,Coming to burn down all my ideasI try to hold down to my thinking, and remember how it feelsWhen I’m looking right in your eyesAnd hearing your happy laugh :cry:-----------skratjena verzija:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bemz-7fofcs
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Takodjer, Walk Like A Giant - da je to snimljeno npr. 1972. bilo bi danas deo rock mitologije. A i ovako treba da bude.
ne znam kako sam se asocirala, ali istiistiisti osecaj kao kad sam prvi put cula barstool blues i saw you in my nightmaresbut i'll see you in my dreams. a i celu zumu.sad malo ovo.treasure-cover.jpg
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